• Unlock Your Power and Leave Overwhelm Behind

    Elevate Your Life, Find Balance, and Free Your Full Potential.

  • Are you a leader or creative entrepreneur who's ready to ready to step into the most powerful version of yourself?

    Are you tired of:

    ✔️ Feeling lost and unfulfilled?

    ✔️ Hustling to get what you want?

    ✔️ Lacking stability and meaning in your life?

    ✔️ Not feeling like you're good enough or have enough experience?

    ✔️ Being afraid to make big changes in your life?

    ✔️ Not knowing what you really want to do with your life?

    ✔️ Being constantly overwhelmed and stressed out?

    ✔️ Being disappointed you can’t focus on what’s most important to you?

    ✔️ Feeling exhausted from trying to do too many things?

    ✔️ Fearing that if you go big, you might fail?

    ✔️ Uncertainty about how to best use your precious time?

    ✔️ Depleting yourself because your mind never turns off?

    ✔️ Worrying about investing in yourself and your personal growth?


    You're not alone!

    There are so many others who experience the same challenges and frustrations that you feel and, just like you, are ready to take the next step. Empower yourself to make the change you desire, join a community that will support and uplift you along the way. Are you ready to up-level? Then T7M (Transform) is for you!


    The doors to T7M are currently closed. Sign up to join the waitlist and be the first to know when the doors open again!

  • We're in this together!

    Millions of intelligent, ambitious people have gotten stuck in a life they thought they really wanted, only to realize it doesn’t actually fulfill them or make them happy.


    The solution isn’t working harder or doing more to change your situation, it’s about clearing space to go deep within and connecting to your inner wisdom, while letting go of everything that doesn’t serve you.


    Learning how to get off the hamster wheel, find more balance in my life, and tap into my intuition has helped me:

    • Find a deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in my work.

    • Be more present with my family and friends.

    • Have deeper, more meaningful relationships with the people around me.

    • Feel passionate about my work and mission.

    • Make time every day for meditation, writing, and rituals that elevate my life and keep me grounded.

  • Let’s be clear, I don’t have it all figured out and I don’t always get it right. I am continuously growing as an entrepreneur, coach, and creator. I make mistakes and fail, sometimes publicly! But over the years I’ve figured out how to keep myself feeling balanced and centered, even when the world around me feels like it's slipping into chaos - and even when my confidence takes a hit.


    Which is why I created T7M (Transform) - a community that brings to life all of the incredible teachings, experiences, and treasures I’ve learned throughout my 15+ year career. I have seen firsthand the impact that mindful and intentional living has on peoples’ lives, and I have been guiding leaders and entrepreneurs for the last decade to live a life of joy, meaning, and achievement. That sure beats feeling stressed out, exhausted, and like you’re never enough!

  • Start every day feeling clear, energized, and focused.

  • My clients get results - here's what they have to say...

    • “I feel more "awake" than I have in a long time.“

    • “I clearly understand what I want to do in life. I am generally a happier person and I understand my priorities better.“

    • “I learned how to set clear boundaries and assert my needs.”

    • “I've learned to be kinder to myself, to be more courageous, and that I can take time out without feeling bad about it. “

    • “I sorted out my priorities, so that I can move on with courage, much self-love and a crystal clear vision.”

    • “I’ve created space in my life to reflect and understand what I want, and maybe even more importantly what I have.”

    • “I have grown both professionally and personally.”

    • “Amanda helped me get out of my head so I could reflect on what I want.”

    • “I gained life-changing perspectives that helped me gain clarity and depth.”

    • “I was challenged to consider my current ways of thinking and propose new paths forward to reach my goals.”

    • “Amanda, helped me build confidence in who I am and held space for me to dream bigger about what my life could look like.”

  • What will you get from joining T7M?

    • Absolute clarity on your vision, values, and purpose

    • Remove any blocks that are holding you back from reaching your goals

    • Clear action steps for how to move forward

    • Alignment with who you are as a person and what you do in the world

  • "My life changed drastically while I was working with Amanda. I moved to a neighborhood with more access to green space, I met my current partner, and was offered a full time salaried Senior role that meets almost all of the aspects I was dreaming about. Amanda, helped me build confidence in who I am and held space for me to dream bigger about what my life could look like." - Victoria

    "I clearly understand what I want to do in life. I am generally a happier person. I understand my priorities better. Though there is much room for improvement, and much to be done, I like who I see in the mirror every morning. Amanda is a great coach who genuinely cares about what she does and uses her craft to help others. If she can help me, she can help anybody." - Priyantha

    "From our first interaction I found the coaching conversation exciting, open and safe. Our exchanges turned reflective and powerful. I especially like the combination of pause and motivation that Amanda provides. For me, it was one of the first times in my life I felt demotivated with my role, overworked, and financially unsatisfied. After working with Amanda I felt more confident on my next steps, and courageous about exploring alternatives that I had not dared looking in the eyes before." - Jose

    Amanda was an amazing facilitator throughout, she listened but also challenged at the appropriate times, giving us a safe space to voice our opinions and challenges without any fear of judgement. Her ability to read the room, sense uncomfortable situations and know when, or when not to, delve further was incredible. - Rachel

  • What's Inside?

    ✔️ Access to a supportive community of like-minded individuals

    ✔️ Expert guidance and support from Amanda - a highly skilled and intuitive coach and reiki master

    ✔️ Monthly group coaching on various topics related to personal development and growth

    ✔️ Monthly 90-minute intention setting & reflection calls

    ✔️ Visualizations guided by Amanda to help you go deeper on your journey

    ✔️ Access to a private community forum to share progress and get feedback and support

    ✔️ A sense of community and belonging in a supportive and uplifting group of individuals all working towards creating big change in their lives.

  • How It Works

    Once you sign up, you'll get...

    ✔️ Exclusive access to our private community space to deepen your learning & insights

    ✔️ Monthly 90-minute group coaching calls

    ✔️ Monthly 90-minute new moon circle calls

    ✔️ Your personal Elevate Your Life Questionnaire

    ✔️ Guided visualizations to support and empower your personal growth

    ✔️ Monthly exercises, tools, and reflection guides to deepen your personal growth and expand your self-awareness

    ✔️ Access to brilliant guest experts

    ✔️ PLUS bonus add-ons

  • Who it's for... (and who it's NOT for)

    T7M was created for...

    Creatives, entrepreneurs, leaders, and ambitious go-getters who want to create big change in their life, are looking for a supportive and uplifting community, and who sense that there’s a better way to feel grounded and confident every day.


    It’s for independent thinkers and growth-minded individuals who enjoy candid conversations and a no BS approach. If you’re ready to stop the overwhelm and finally feel focused, balanced, and clear on what you’re working towards, T7M was made for you.

  • T7M is NOT the place for you if:

    ❌ You are not committed to leveling up in your work and life

    You are not committed to investing in your personal and professional development

    You are not committed to being surrounded by exceptional and talented people who may kick up some imposter syndrome

    You are not committed to dream big and create a bold vision for the future

  • Hi, I'm Amanda.

    A transformational coach, thinking partner, and entrepreneur dedicated to helping you finally step into your full power.

    A born-and-raised New Yorker with a hunger for knowledge and a desire to create a positive impact in the world, I’m here to help you trust your intuition, access your inner power, and reach your full potential, (with a grounded, centered confidence no matter what’s happening around you.)


    I've gained wisdom and experience from over two decades of traveling the globe, living in 7 different countries and visiting over 65! In all of my travels, I've connected to incredible human beings doing exceptional work aligned with their higher purpose. I've worked in Marketing, Wildlife Conservation, and Leadership Development before focusing my attention wholly on personal transformation. With each, new encounter my eyes opened wider and the truth of what is possible expanded even more.


    As a transformation catalyst, entrepreneur, and coach, I bring all of the life-changing tools and practices that I've picked up around the world into my work. In this way, I empower individuals to trust themselves, be courageous, and to shine their light.


    I am a Certified Professional Coach, a Reiki Master, and an Executive MBA, and I've developed my own unique methodologies for personal growth and transformation. My teachings on confidence, mindfulness, and intuition will help you feel more fulfilled and in alignment with your true purpose, allowing you to radiate your unique light and live your life to the fullest.

  • My coaching experience with Amanda was totally transformational. I always had issues with saying no to other people and clarifying what I really want. Amanda guided me to question myself what I am saying yes to, if I say no to something. It was a life-changing perspective, and it helped me gain clarity and depth. Then she encouraged me to put myself first and give myself the permission to live the life I want. - Yimin

  • I have supported leading organizations like...

  • Your Dreams are too Precious to Waste

  • Are you ready to elevate your life?

    The doors to T7M are currently closed. Sign up to join the waitlist and be the first to know when enrollment opens again!

  • How much does T7M cost? Are there payment plans?

    The investment for T7M is 300£ / month, paid monthly. The initial commitment is for 6 months.