Want to surround yourself with inspiring, conscious change makers...like YOU?

It's time to step into your power, purpose and creativity with your whole heart.

Do you want to be part of a community of creative, high achievers who are committed to challenge the status quo and become more intentional in the life they create?

Are you a Change Maker, Creator, or Leader and describe yourself as:

✔️ Passionate

✔️ Ambitious

✔️ Creative

✔️ Conscious

✔️ Heart-centered

✔️ Visionary

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You'll know T7M is for you if:

✔️ You want to be in a community of extraordinary people

✔️ You seek greater clarity and confidence

✔️ You want to think outside-the-box

✔️ You want to be inspired and discover new possibilities

✔️ You want to have a deep and lasting impact

✔️ You want to invest in reaching your fullest potential

✔️ You want to spend time with visionary, creative, and ambitious people who stretch your thinking

✔️ You want to develop your deep intuition

Who is Amanda Parker?

I am a Transformational Coach, Thinking Partner and Founder of The Courage Factory.

Transforming your life and changing how you show up in the world takes work and is not something that can be done within the confines of your everyday life.

Business as usual doesn’t serve you any longer - you know you want to find deeper meaning in your life, to feel joy in the everyday. You want to do work that matters and see the lasting impact of what you do.

It can be challenging, if not downright impossible, to create the change you seek on your own. You know because you’ve already tried everything you could think of to make the shifts you desire, but nothing seems to be working how you hoped.

You’ve taken the online courses, sought out the mentors and coaches, and even did your own extensive research. You’re hungry for information and learning, you seek out opportunities to grow, and yet applying everything you learn to your life feels so challenging.

You’re ready to find your community - a group of people who are as powerful and determined as you are to transform how they live their lives.

You want to be supported by a professional, a master in her craft, who opens the door for a new kind of journey into yourself. You want to go deep, you are ready to do the work to find out who you really are and what it is you really want to do with your life. And you are hungry for the support of a community that is on the exact same journey.

I know how hard this can be because I have been on the same journey for years.

It all began a few years back, after I had relocated to Germany for my “dream job” and found myself still yearning for more. After ending a relationship that wasn’t working for me, completing an EMBA, and leaving behind my second and third career to pursue a wild business idea in the coaching and leadership space, I left behind my life as I knew it and flew to Singapore to finally make the changes I had been so desperately seeking out.

In Singapore I found my people - the change makers, the leaders, the high achievers and the people who knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that another way of life was possible. 

These were my peers and they helped me to see what it was I truly wanted in my life; love, a deeper connection to spirit, a successful business, and deeply satisfying and fulfilling relationships.

I soon returned to “the real world” and had challenges to face, bills to pay, lack of confidence to contend with. How was I going to make my business work when I was no longer amidst the people who I felt understood me best?

Over the last four years, I have started two Masterminds to help me grow my business and my impact – and let me tell you the impact has been immeasurable.

Only through the consistent, compassionate support and safety of a mastermind can you truly expand your thinking and feel confident enough to reach for even bigger goals.

Imagine what it would be like if you could create a vision for your life that inspires you to transform the way you show up day-to-day.

It IS Possible...Here's How!

Introducing T7M

T7M is a private community for high achievers, creators, and change makers. The more time, energy and love you put in, the more you’ll get out. But only if you’re willing to go all in!

I’ve worked with top performers across the globe, the ones who have achieved so much in their lives, and yet find themselves wondering, "is this all there is?". T7M is a cumulation of years of hard work with incredible leaders and change makers at the top of their game and is the only community that combines over 15 years of experience in personal growth and transformation, leadership development, energy work, and ancient wisdom to support you on your journey.

How it Works

What will you get from joining?

✔️ Absolute clarity on your vision, values, and purpose

✔️ Alignment between who you are as a person and what you do in the world

✔️ Remove any blocks that are holding you back from reaching your goals

✔️ Clear action steps for how to move forward

Members receive the following benefits:

✔️ Monthly 90-Minute Group Coaching Calls

✔️ Monthly 90-Minute Intention Setting & Reflection Calls

✔️ Access to a Private Online Community to Deepen Your Learning & Insights

✔️ Monthly Exercises, Tools, and Reflection Guides to deepen your personal growth and expand your self-awareness

✔️ Access to Guest Experts

✔️ PLUS Bonus add-ons

T7M is NOT the place for you if:

❌ You are not committed to leveling up in your work and life

You are not committed to investing in your personal and professional development

You are not committed to being surrounded by exceptional and talented people who may kick up some imposter syndrome

You are not committed to dream big and create a bold vision for the future

This is an exclusive experience, like having your very own personal board of trusted advisors, mentors, and supporters, guided by me as your coach throughout the journey.

The T7M Mastermind is now sold out!

Join the waitlist to find out when the T7M community will open its doors!

What People Are Saying

My life changed drastically while I was working with Amanda. I moved to a neighborhood with more access to green space, I met my current partner, and was offered a full time salaried Senior role that meets almost all of the aspects I was dreaming about. I had some big insights around trusting my intuition, affirming my self worth, owning what I needed and could have in my life, and recognizing the ways in which I could calm sabotage thoughts. Amanda, helped me build confidence in who I am and held space for me to dream bigger about what my life could look like.

Amanda is a coach that not only looks at the leadership work related kind of development but works on different levels from career to wellbeing to personal. I would warmly recommend her, if you are open to where coaching may lead you and you enjoy mindfulness techniques.

I clearly understand what I want to do in life. I am generally a happier person. I understand my priorities better. Though there is much room for improvement, and much to be done, I like who I see in the mirror every morning. Amanda is a great coach who genuinely cares about what she does and uses her craft to help others. If she can help me, she can help anybody.

It's time to TRANSFORM your life.

I know the power of deep, life-changing coaching. I also know the importance of a safe and brave space to come together regularly to not only celebrate the amazing achievements of each person in the room, but also tackle the unforeseen challenges and battles that come along with following your purpose.

In T7M, we will always have your back and support you through your journey, no matter how far along you are. You will find yourself surrounded by an exclusive and incredible group of humans who seek to create true impact in the world.

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